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About QUBE Software, Inc.

QUBE Software (QSI) was founded in 1985. The company started by providing custom software solutions, but soon focused on the creation of an integrated inventory control and accounting application for smaller manufacturing companies who used Macintosh computers. In 1991 the system migrated to the Windows operating system, thus pioneering manufacturing software with a true Graphical User Interface (GUI).

QUBE broadened its scope that same year by linking to Great Plains Software's Dynamics package. The combination of QUBE with the market leader in PC-based accounting packages created a world-class manufacturing solution for small to medium sized manufacturers which is robust, easy to use, affordable and complete.


By remaining close to its customers, QSI was able to establish an early emphasis on solving specific real-world problems in actual business settings for a wide range of industries. Due to the fact that it was initially developed on a true Graphical User Interface (GUI) it is intuitive and easy to learn. Both of these standards are rigorously maintained, and the combined result is a manufacturing system which is unique among others; mature, affordable, and easy to implement with an astonishing success rate.


QSI resellers and VARs are rigorously trained and qualified. The Company maintains its corporate headquarters in Del Mar, CA.


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