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Guaranteed Implementation Plans

For companies which are truly serious about their success, QUBE Software offers the Premier Path Guaranteed Implementation Plan. If your company qualifies for this plan, our mutual implementation teams will chart out your implementation objectives and a plan for achieving them. As long as your company meets its required milestones, QUBE Software agrees to guarantee that you meet those objectives, or we will work with you at no additional charge until you do (some restrictions apply...call a QUBE representative at 858-792-0808 for details).

Pre-Sales Support

We at QUBE Software realize that the support you receive prior to the sale is important. Therefore, we provide in-depth sales consulting and needs analysis to ensure that QUBE is an appropriate fit for your company. In addition, we have an in-house financing specialist who can help you understand all of the private and government financing possibilities available to you.

Technical Support

As dedicated and well-trained manufacturing professionals, our support team offers far more than a help-desk. Each technical support specialist spends a significant amount of time in the field at customer sites, which equips them to troubleshoot any problems that might arise. QUBE's support staff is available via telephone, fax, and e-mail from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays, and by appointment on weekends and holidays. We guarantee a four (business) hour response time for all users on a service agreement.


QUBE University provides a complete curriculum of training courses for users at all levels. These courses are held in our classroom facilities in Syracuse, NY and at convenient locations throughout the country. In addition, we conduct customized on-site training courses upon request.

On-site Consultation

QUBE Software maintains an in-house staff of APICS-certified consulting professionals to provide for your on-site training and consultation requirements.

Certified VARs and Installers

QUBE Software has established a network of Value Added Resellers and Installers who are committed to a rigorous training and authorization program. Prices and terms are negotiated with these independent firms.

Annual User Conferences

Each year QUBE users gather with our complete staff in San Diego for several days of information exchange. New modules and functionality are introduced, training sessions are held and users share solutions they have developed using QUBE. The most popular aspect of the conference is the time devoted to collecting issues, concerns and suggestions for future system development. This is regarded by QSI and its users as the most important event of the year.

Custom Programming

QUBE Software offers custom programming services for users with specialized needs. Our staff works with you to create a development specification and provide a realistic time and price quotation.

Support Bundles

QUBE Software is firmly committed to the quick and trouble-free implementation of every system we sell. To this end, we have packaged training and support bundles for customers who are as serious about success as we are. These bundles provide discounts on support services for users who utilize classroom training and on-site consulting. The reason is simple. Sites which are properly set up and trained are much easier to support. Everyone benefits.

Tailored System Implementation Strategies

Whatever your company's requirements, QUBE Software provides an implementation strategy that's right for you. You will know that you are being guided by top-drawer manufacturing experts who are at the top of their profession. A typical implementation strategy might consist of the following:

Planning: Detailed planning of the implementation process saves time and money as the implementation proceeds. Among others, this step includes:

Education: Provide training of those involved in the implementation process at the QUBE University facilities at QUBE Software, other regional venues, or special training classes arranged at your facility.

Piloting: Setting up and executing procedures on pilot data, reinforcing the education and training to date, and providing detailed knowledge of how QUBE will work in your environment. During this phase, detailed policies and procedures are finalized, and the final cut over target date will be established.

Cut over: Turn on QUBE, and turn off other systems. Guidance is provided by QSI personnel as to proper auditing and troubleshooting procedures.

Ongoing review: During and immediately after cut over to help guide users through the system transition process, approximately 30 days after cut over to address any issues and assist with the initial month-end closing process, and approximately 90 days after cut over to evaluate performance against project objectives and address any remaining issues.


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