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Production & Manufacturing, Sales Management and Financials


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Tight integration of all functions means just that...everything ties to everything else in one, tightly integrated system. This integrated design lets you focus on getting the job done, on time, within budget.

No more reconciling spreadsheets to sales orders to manufacturing plans, etc. All the data you need is at hand to know which jobs are due, when to order, and when to ship. No more dropping the ball. No more missed ship dates. And no more wondering what the heck your people are up to.

  • You enter data once, and it flows through to all other modules. This reduces data errors, improves processing speed, and ensures that mission-critical data is at your fingertips, when you need it.

  • QUBE's drill-down capabilities allow you to jump directly to a source record simply by double-clicking on a line in a list.

  • Any combination of windows can be opened at any time, providing complete viewing and access to all of your pertinent data.

  • All of your mission-critical data is available at a keystroke.


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