System Overview

QUBE is an on-line interactive system designed to provide make to order, make to stock, job shops and repetitive manufacturers with the management tools necessary to accurately maintain accurate job cost, inventory, Resource Planning and accounting controls over plant operations. It is multi-user, fully integrated, runs in real-time, and utilizes the Windows and Macintosh front-end environments over a broad range of networks.
In addition, it offers a choice of its own integrated accounting modules or interfaces with Great Plains Dynamics to ensure accuracy and integrity in all of your financial management requirements.
All aspects of QUBE have been designed for simplicity and functionality. Its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes QUBE the most accessible software of its kind anywhere. This is particularly important for small to medium-sized manufacturers who don't have large MIS staffs to conduct ongoing training and in-house documentation.
Qube provides many aids and cues which allow the interface to "get out of the way" of the user's productivity. It takes full advantage of the latest tools and techniques in Windows and Mac-based systems:
  • Multiple windows and modules open at one time
  • Consistent reporting interface with all 400+ reports printed from one menu
  • Pop-up reference lists
  • Drill-down data-base relationships
  • Plain English commands, and
  • A user-friendly price point.
This means it will be faster and easier to implement than other systems. Learning curves and training costs will be lower. You will receive a greater return on your investment faster than you otherwise might. And you will be dealing with a company which specializes in growing manufacturing yours.
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