Development Language

QUBE is written in Omnis 7, a 4th-generation database language developed by Omnis Software.
Omnis 7 is widely known and accepted in developer circles and large Fortune 500 companies as one of the best development environments in the marketplace today.
Besides its speed and versatility, one of the most important aspects of Omnis 7 is its cross-platform architecture. It runs on Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Windows 95 based systems.

Software Specifications

  • DBMS: Omnis 7
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, Windows 95, WindowsNT, Macintosh 6.04 or higher, PowerMac, or any combination
  • Server: Determined by size of data file
  • Client: 32 MB RAM and 25 MB disk space per workstation
  • Network: Windows NT, Novell, Banyan Vines, Apple Share
  • Data: Maximum size 2400MB, virtually unlimited number of inventory items, customers, vendors, inventory locations, etc.
  • Security: Complete password protection by user for all functions, including menus, commands, windows, reports, read/write data

Y2K Readiness
QUBE is year 2000 (Y2K) compliant.
QUBE has always been Y2K compliant! On their web site, Omnis Software explains the technical aspects of how Omnis-based applications, such as QUBE, can identify date codes within their programming code. QUBE Software, Inc. has always identified 2-digit years as ranging from 1980-2079. Also, note that 4-digit entries will be treated as they are entered.

QUBE is being successfully used to handle customers' remote sites using Citrix Winframe and Metaframe solutions. This tool is providing high performance levels and is very cost effective.

IBM Netfinity ServerProven netfinity.gif (3654 bytes)
QUBE is now IBM Netfinity ServerProven. Based on testing of QUBE on several of IBM's new Netfinity Servers, QUBE is now proud to be authorized to use the IBM Netfinity ServerProven logo.
The Netfinity ServerProven program is based on a simple idea:  make sure that everything customers would use along with their IBM Netfinity server is thoroughly tested. This emblem is your proof that QUBE and IBM have worked together to provide a robust and secure solution, and that QUBE is compatible with IBM's hottest new PC servers.
System Overview  


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