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Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing is completely integrated with Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Production Planning and Accounts Payable. You may purchase directly to sales orders and forecasts, or use a reorder point system combined with safety stock. Or you may wish to utilize QUBE's comprehensive Production Planning module which generates its MRP and CRP data in one easy step. Then you can automatically generate and issue the POs from the MRP data.

QUBE's automated PO Receiving functions make tracking incoming stock a breeze. Use it to monitor incoming receiving inspection status, record vendor and internal lot numbers, and manage vendor returns. QUBE's optional Bar Coding module may be employed in this process.

Once the items have been received into stock and the vendor invoice has been received, QUBE allows you to automatically voucher the PO receipt, and transfers the data to Accounts Payable for aging an payment. And, of course, QUBE's Vendor Performance Grading module is keeping lose track of your vendors' performance during the entire process!


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