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Rules-Based Order Configurator (Optional Module)
Allows the entry of items with configurable features and options on quotations, forecasts and sales orders. Configuration management reduces the number of item records required for maintenance. User-entered rules based logic verifies the validity of configuration combinations, ensuring that the item can be built and that no specifications are missing from the order. Pricing and costs are system-calculated as options are selected.

Key Features of QUBE Rules-Based Order Configurator

  • Rules types excludes, requires, compatible/incompatible
  • Powerful rules logic though use of option sets and classes
  • Provide a means of following up on options for which choices have not yet been made so that the customer will make his choices in time for the product to be built on time.
  • Adjustment of quantities, measurements, and prices during order entry
  • Provides unlimited options for any item on a quote or sales order
  • Automatically create new item records based on chosen options
  • Configuration history maintained for review
  • Fully integrated with production scheduling


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