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Premier Path Guaranteed Implementation Plan Introduced

QUBE Software No-Risk Premier Path Implementation Plan Guarantees Success in Your System Implementation.

QUBE from QUBE Software (QSI) is the easiest to use and implement enterprise management software for small to medium-sized manufacturers. Because it has been around for over twelve years, it incorporates many mature benefits found nowhere else, all designed specifically to address real-world issues in real-world businesses, and all in a single, fully-integrated solution.

However, implementation success requires more than just great software. It also requires a team of full-time, on-staff experts who have years of experience making successful implementations happen. It requires a comprehensive curriculum of classroom courses, designed not only to train you in every aspect of the software, but to show you how you can use that software to reach your implementation goals. It requires a level of excellence in technical support which not only satisfies, but delights the customer base.

It requires a commitment to your success which is so rock solid that success is not only possible, it is actually guaranteed.... Period.

How does the Premier Path Implementation Plan work?

If your company qualifies for this plan, QSI's consultation department will recommend what it believes to be the most effective package of technical support, Qube University courses and on-site consultation, based on over a decade of guiding companies like yours through successful implementations of QUBE.

Then, during our first on-site visit, your staff and ours will sit down and chart out your company's Key Implementation Objectives, the implementation strategy surrounding them, and the personnel responsible. This is not a cookie-cutter approach to implementation. It is an implementation plan tailored specifically for your company, designed to meet your objectives within your available resource pool.

Once the plan is agreed to by both parties and in place, we will continually monitor your progress through additional on-site consultation and telephone conferences. As you achieve each prescribed milestone in the process, you will be moving toward your objectives!

The Premier Path Guarantee:

If the objectives are not met according to the plan, QSI will provide additional services up to 50% of the initial purchased bundle, free of charge, until these objectives are met. (For detailed information and terms, contact your QSI representative today!)


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